AKC Virtual Home Manners Program

AKC Virtual Home Manners Program


If you have trained your puppy or adult dog at home and would like to earn the AKC’s Virtual Home Manners titles to demonstrate your accomplishments, this is the place for you!

Please see below and email Jen@MatrixDog.com for more information!

For the Video Evaluations:

It’s $10 per evaluation which you can send via paypal (click here: https://paypal.me/JenGiacchi) or snail mail me a check (contact me for my home address for sending a check).

I will need your dog’s name, breed, AKC number, and registered owner’s name, plus your mailing address if you’d like me to mail you a title ribbon!  Email this information to Jen@MatrixDog.com.

You can facebook message the Matrix Dog business page the videos or upload them to YouTube or somewhere else and send me the links to review. (You can also text them to me if the other stuff doesn’t work.) You are welcome to send one video or multiple videos.

If you video them yourself, make sure that I can see all of you and all of your dog, plus the space for any distance requirements.

Each item videoed separately is fine, just submit all the clips at the same time (or in succession). 🙂

The evaluations are $10 per test. You do still have to submit forms and an application (plus money) to AKC if you want the title recorded with them.

After I review the videos I will send you an evaluation form back that you’ll send to AKC (you can email or snail mail them the forms)!  And don’t forget to give me your mailing address so I can mail you a title ribbon!

For more detailed information on the requirements for each title, see the links in the next section!  Be sure to read the Participant Guide (bottom link) which gives detailed instructions on the requirements.

Puppy VHM (12 weeks to 1 year) Checklist

Adult VHM (4 months and up) Checklist

AKC VHM Title Application

  • Submit this form directly to AKC with the evaluation checklist you’ll get back from me after your video evaluation is complete!

Only $10 per evaluation!

Registrations are non-refundable!

Evaluator: Jennifer Giacchi, Matrix Dog


AKC is now allowing video evaluations for Trick Dog Testing.
Click here for more information!

Or, click here for more information on AKC CGC/CGCA Evaluations