National Dog Agility League

See the link at the bottom of this page for specifics on the current league!

What is the National Dog Agility League?
A monthly virtual agility league! A course (or several) will be set up at our facility with designated times to compete. Your run is scored and recorded and submitted for ranking against other participants across the world. There are four quarterly league series each year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Results/Standings are posted quarterly for each team, and an overall winner for each sub league is declared yearly Individual titles can be earned as well.

How does it work?
Every month we’ll announce dates and the courses we will be running. There are currently four course types/sizes available, three of which can fit in our facility. Two of the courses are nested with minor changes so we plan on having at least one session with both those courses and a second session with the third course. You’ll need to pay a $10 fee to register with the organization. You can do this at the event. Currently, fees are $10 per dog which includes one warm-up run (max 90 seconds) and one scored run. Additional non-scored runs (90 seconds max) can be purchased for $5 a run. You can do additional runs before or after your scored run, but you will need to declare which run is your scored run before it starts. Choose wisely!

My dog isn’t perfect at agility yet, can we still play?
NDAL takes an atypical approach to agility. You can still qualify even with missed contacts, teeter flyoffs, and wrong courses. There are courses without weaves! For a full list of rules and scoring information you can read their rulebook here:

Does my dog earn titles?
Yes! NDAL has a titling system. More information about that can be found here:

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January 2019 League Information