Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is an exciting new sport where dogs get to use their natural instinct to “hunt” rats.  Your dog does not have to be a terrier to play – Barn Hunt is open to all breeds and it’s an AKC and UKC recognized sport!  A maze of straw bales is set up and there are PVC tubes hidden throughout the course – some with live rats, some with dirty bedding, and some empty.  To put it simply – the aim of the game is for the dog to hunt through the straw to find all the live rat tubes.  But don’t worry – the rats aren’t harmed in Barn Hunt!  There are strict rules in place to keep the rats safe, and they live as pets in their off time.  My rats willingly climb into the tubes to work and enjoy teasing the dogs!

Our barn hunt club is Rocky Mountain Ratters –

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12764881_937019003046256_2304025633015187059_oDottie, a Danish Swedish Farmdog 12711234_937020353046121_7261464401536859780_oDarcy, a Border Collie 12778688_937019139712909_2210331343471876984_oDottie, a Danish Swedish Farmdog