About Matrix Dog


Matrix Dog is an 11,000+ square foot facility in Westminster, Colorado hosting dog training classes and events for agility, barn hunt, flyball, and more!

Matrix Dog was founded in 2016 and is solely owned by Jennifer Giacchi.  It’s named after my darling Danish-Swedish Farmdog, Dottie (Gullvivebackens Cajsa Dot Matrix) and was started to fill the need of a dog training facility in the North Metro Denver area…. and so our team (and me!) would have an awesome place to train too!

The facility is matted with horse stall mats and Crown Matting’s Comfort King Supreme (1/2″ thick) mats.  There is air conditioning, heat, and a large ground level garage door.  The parking lot is made for semi-truck access and is lit at night, and RV parking (no hook-ups) is an option.  There are restroom facilities for people and grassy areas and trails for the dogs to potty.

The space is also available to rent for private events and private training classes, click here for more information!


Updated layout coming soon!


Jen actively trains and competes with her dogs in dog sports and they have many titles and accomplishments.  Dottie currently competes in agility, flyball, conformation, barn hunt, herding, lure coursing, scent work and dock diving. They all also enjoy hiking, swimming and the outdoors!


Neisa: FDGCh in NAFA flyball (over 30,000 points)
Darcy: FG80K in NAFA flyball (over 80,000 points)
Tyler: HOBBES in NAFA flyball (over 100,000 points)
Dottie: FDGCH in NAFA flyball (over 30,000 points)

Neisa, Darcy, Tyler and Dottie were a part of Mile High Velocity’s Division 12 Championship Team at the 2016 NAFA CanAm Flyball Nationals.  Neisa, Darcy, and Tyler were also a part of Mile High Velocity’s Division 10 Finals Team at the 2014 NAFA CanAM Flyball Nationals.


Neisa was Jen’s “Novice A” dog (first agility dog).  In AKC agility, Neisa earned her MACH 6. She was the #1 Australian Cattle Dog for 2012 AKC Agility and the #1 Australian Cattle Dog for the 2013 AKC Agility Invitational Qualifying Period. In 2012 and 2013 she was invited to and competed in the AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando, Florida. They also competed in the 2012 (Reno), 2013 (Tulsa) and 2015 (Reno) AKC Agility Nationals. Neisa also had numerous other agility titles in AKC, DOCNA, UKC, NADAC, and USDAA.

Dottie has her MACH2 (Master Agility Championship) title and is almost at MACH3.

Dottie has received  invites to and competed in the 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando, Florida.  Dottie was the #1 Danish Swedish Farmdog for 2019 AKC Agility and the #1 Danish Swedish Farmdog for the 2019 AKC Agility Invitational Qualifying Period.   She also won the 2017 and 2020 AKC Agility Invitational Top Danish Swedish Farmdog Medallions.  She was the first Danish Swedish Farmdog to be awarded a medallion and the first DSF to earn two medallions.

Dottie earned and accepted an invite to the 2020 AKC Agility Nationals in Perry, GA but it was cancelled.  She earned and accepted an invite to the 2021 AKC Agility Nationals in Tulsa, OK.

In December 2020 she earned 1st Place for the Inaugural Lisa Bisbee Memorial Premier Cup 12″ Division and 2nd Place Overall across all heights.

As of November 2020 she also has the following additional agility titles: MXS MJG PJD MFB TQX T2B3.

Barn Hunt:

Dottie has her RATI (Instinct), RATN (Novice), RATO (Open), RATS (Senior), RATM (Master), RATCH (Barn Hunt Champion), RATCHX (Barn Hunt Champion X), and RATCHX2-37 (Barn Hunt Champion X 2, 3, 4, 5, etc) titles.  She also has her CZ8P8G title (17,500 points).

Darcy had her RATI (Instinct), RATN (Novice), RATO (Open), RATS (Senior), RATM (Master), RATCH (Barn Hunt Champion) and RATCHX (Barn Hunt Champion X) titles.


Dottie has her AKC Certificate of Merit (FSS Championship), UKC Championship, a National and International Senior Puppy Championship, a National and International Junior Puppy Championship, an American Rare Breed Association Junior Championship, and a UCI Championship (INTL EHREN CH).


Dottie has her AKC HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate), a mHIC (MASCA Herding Instinct Certificate) and one leg towards her AHBA Herding Instinct Certification.

Dock Diving:

Dottie has her Dock Novice Lap Dog title and her Dock Junior Lap Dog and Dock Junior Lap Dog Excellent titles.

Dottie received an invite for the 2015 North American Dock Diving National Event at the Eukanuba AKC Nationals  in Florida.  In 2017 she received an invite for both SPLASH Dogs National Event in Gardnerville, NV and the North American Dock Diving National Event in Orlando, Florida.  At the 2017 NADD Nationals in Florida she jumped out of the Novice Lap Division and smashed her Personal Best of 5.5′ with a 7′ jump, and then pulled off an 8′ jump to win the Junior Lap Division!  She  received invites to the 2018 and 2019 National Championships where she also placed, in addition to the 2020 National Championships (which was cancelled).

AKC Scent Work:

Dottie has her Master Container, Master Exterior, and Master Interior titles.  She has her Excellent Buried and Excellent Handler Discrimination title.  Her first AKC Scent Work trials were in October 2019 and she earned these titles through November 1, 2020 – in just 18 actual days of trialing!

UpDog (Disc):

Dottie has her AKC DDB (Disc Dog Bronze) title.

Lure Coursing:

Dottie has her CA (AKC Coursing Ability Test) title and her BCAT (150 FastCAT points) and DCAT (500 FastCAT points) titles.

Misc Titles:

Dottie has her AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and AKC CGCA (Canine Good Citizen Advanced) which she passed at just shy of 7 months old!

Dottie received her AKC FDC (Farmdog Certified) in October 2017.

Dottie was awarded her TKN (Trick Dog Novice), TKI (Trick Dog Intermediate), and TKA (Trick Dog Advanced) titles in October 2017.

Dottie has her VHMA (Virtual Home Manners) title, awarded in December 2020.